BehindtheWaterFall….my attempt to capture a silky smooth motion of water.

I’ve always been amazed of photographs of water. One blog I follow, H2o By Joanna, has a really cool theme.  She takes photos of any and everything that involves water. Check it out when you have the chance. So I tried it out myself to take a blurred motion of water and oh boy, I had a little trouble working it out. (The Second Shot) First I went out during the evening to capture the water fall with the building lights on.  My tripod is not the sturdies of tripods so when I hit ‘click’ the camera wobbled a little.  So I decided to use the remote. The first shot you see below is my second attempt though it was a little earlier in the day.  I seem to have trouble with the combination of light and shutter speed and framing to avoid distractions in my shot. Oh well, practice, practice, and I guess more practice. As always, I love critiques.


22 thoughts on “BehindtheWaterFall

  1. That second shot is incredible! I love the light play on the water and you picked a great twilight blue for your background. I don’t see the tripod wobble effect at all. How long was the exposure? I’d love to get a shot like this when they turn our big fountain on for the season, but I always thought my max 8 second exposure wouldn’t be long enough.

    • Oh my, sorry I missed this comment. Thank you so much for taking the time to make a comment. The exposure on the second was 10″ and the first was 1″. I really need to learn about frame the shot right.

  2. I think we are on the same practice list Kevin, I was trying water shots this past week too looking for that flowing ethereal look as well LOL! Yours are much better than mine…I was too lazy to get my tri-pod out 😀 next time for me. I love that last shot though, very beautiful. May I ask what your settings were for that particular shot?

    • Not really, yours are better than mine :). I like the stopped motion effect with your and the view of people near the water. It turned out quite well, though my favorite was the bike photo 🙂

      • Oh I actually didn’t post my longer exposure water photos. I was practicing and seeing how I could make the effect without using my tripod. It was interesting to see the differences but I knew I needed a tripod to eliminate the movement from me, so I didn’t post them. Don’t sell yourself short Kevin, I think yours are wonderful 🙂

  3. I also love experimenting with moving water. It’s so cool to get the same scene with water drops and then the contrast of the smooth. The juxtaposition of busy buildings and the smooth water makes this awesome!

  4. Very well done Kevin and thanks for mentioning me and my blog, thanks a lot for that!
    I think you did a great job here… waterfalls are not that easy, I have trouble shooting them myself, still trying to get shutterspeed and lightning right 😀 The second photo I like more in spite of the ‘wobbles’…

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