I drive pass this gas station often in town.  I am amazed by its old style pumps contrast with the current gas prices.  I keep telling myself to take a picture of this gas station during night hours to see how it would look.  I came to a realization that night photography is not as simple as I thought it would be. My mistake was that I didn’t take the time to read a best approach to capturing great night photography. Yeah, I’ve been a bit lazy these last couple of weeks.  So I went to the store to grab a couple of items and quickly took out my camera and tripod while I had the chance.  After shooting a couple of shots, I found that speed has an important role within night photography (I think).  Oh well, I need to starting reading again.


15 thoughts on “BehindtheGasStation

  1. Good composition. You should return when you figure out the correct exposure/speed settings! I could use photography like this in my branding!

  2. The slight blur adds to the old time feel of the setting. The old black and white tin types of the late 1800s always are grainy and slightly blurred. I LIKE, LIKE IT!!

  3. I know all your post titles are “Behindthe___”, but this one just sounded a little creepy. I had to come over just to see what you saw and was pleasantly surprised by this great shot!

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