I recently decided to take my hobby a little more seriously. On Monday I joined a local photography group and a Facebook Photography Challenge Group. The Facebook online challenge for week three theme “8 o’clock” was not an easy task though I wanted try something. I drink a lot a coffee at or around 8:00am. The coffee I drink is also called Eight o’clock Coffee. So hopefully I fit the theme. I don’t have all the fancy lights to make a perfect white on white image though I think this will do for now.



15 thoughts on “BehindtheChallenge

  1. That is a great shot! I am taking an online course with one assignment around a specific topic each month culminating in one photo to share and discuss with the rest of the class on a webinar. This month’s topic is one half. I love the example you have here and want to say thanks for the inspiration because I’ve been really stumped about where to start!

  2. This shot is phenomenal! I have such trouble coming up with ideas so I just joined the Challenge52 on FB today. I am hoping to learn more about this art form and gain some inspiration.

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