About Me

Hello my name is Kevin and thank your for visiting my blog. I established this blog in December 2011 to capture my journey into photography. Blogging is a way for me to connect to other photographers in order to grasp a better understanding in digital photography. This is such a unique platform to express my perspective of the world around me. Please feel free to help me in my journey with some helpful tips, advice and critiques.

Undergraduate at Liberty University, BS Business Information Systems

Graduate: Liberty University, MBA (in Progress)

Camera Inventory: Canon XSi, 18-55mm lens F3.5-5.6, 75-300mm lens F4-5.6, 50mm F1.8 lens, Sigma 17-50mm F2.8

75 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Kevin!
    I started getting serious about photography in the spring of 2011, and started a photo blog at the beginning. Blogging my shots was a HUGE help. Not only do you get advice from other photographers, but the inspiration you receive from going around to other blogs and looking at their images is invaluable. I know my work has grown leaps and bounds because of it. Best of luck!

    • Sorry for the late reply Eden,

      Your right. Every day, I am inspired by photographers like yourself who blog such wonderful photos. It motivates me to continue capturing every shot that I can capture. Thanks again.

  2. Hello Kevin. Thanks for choosing to follow my blog today. I really appreciate it. I’ve just been browsing your own blog and I think that what you have going is really great. Great photos and an interesting blogging style. Keep it up so that I can also follow your future posts.


  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! You have some wonderful photos here. Blogging has been one of the best learning experiences in my goal to learn about photography, and I hope it will help you, too! 🙂

    • Thanks Holly for visiting and following my blog,

      I have so much to learn though I enjoy viewing how everyone else see the world. Photography is expensive yet so much fun.

  4. Kevin,

    I’m really admiring your view on the world, behind the lens 🙂 I really like the fact that you are a Christian and military (I’m the former, and formally the latter). Keep up the amazing work!

  5. Hey Kevin, nice to find your blog, keep up the work!!

    I’ll admit that I am almost 100% self-taught when it comes to photography but, have been doing it for years and years and years. I first learned on a 35mm film camera and then, just a few years ago, upgraded to digital after taking a 10 year’ish break from photography. I get asked what kind of pointers to give to new photographers and the one thing I ALWAYS say is…take your time (of course, when you can). The one problem I see in the digital age is, taking an image “doesn’t cost” you “money” as it’s…digital. You can see it right away and have it all polished/ready to post the same day. In film days, it wasn’t so. It did cost you money every time you pressed the shutter. Where am I going with this you may wonder? Take your time. Walk around your subject, study it. Check out different angles. Would your composition rock if you just took one step to the left? Perhaps take a step back. I see so many folks these day approach a subject, stand still and just hold the shutter down clicking off 5, 10 images…of almost the exact same view!

    Okay, two other things…1. shoot daily! 2. have FUN!!! 3. experiment (I know I said 2 things), try out new techniques.

  6. Hey Kevin,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and subscribing. I am subscribing to yours as well and look forward to seeing more and more of your work. I like what you have done so far.

    Looking forward to getting to know you and the exchange of ideas.

    The best to you,


    • Thank you so much for your comments Lonnie. I’m glad you like it. I love your MLK shots. I really want to visit the site one day.

  7. Hi Kevin!! I am thrilled to have found your blog, it’s truly refreshing.

    From one amateur to an other, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I have taken two days to read your blog, admire your pictures and read through the feedback you have received – so helpful! I’m loving it. I am so looking forward to taking this journey with you and learning from you! Keep shooting. You have an amazing audience.

    • Wow. It’s been a pleasure to meet you. I can’t believe how photography has effects on people. I went through your blog and found so many wonderful post (and you call yourself “amateur” :)). Thank you for taking the time to visit this blog. Have a Blessed Day!

  8. Hi Kevin! Thanks for following my lil blog. I am no photographer, I just like taking pictures! You definitely have the eye for photography. I looked through a lot of your posts and there’s just so much life in all of them. Each picture tells a story. It’s beautiful that you can capture it. Keep up the good work! 🙂 P.S. your family is beautiful! Congrats on your newborn baby boy! May God bless you and guide you in all your ways! Blessings!

    • Thanks Ana, I followed your blog not only for your great photos and videos but also your poetry. I think it amazing and offers a good message.

  9. Two of my sisters go to Liberty University, and my husband and father are in the Air Force, and I’m a photographer. So we have a lot in common. My tip for you would be to study everything you can about photography. Forget anything published recently, like “How to Take Digital Photographs” or stuff like that. You need to go back further, study the history. Start with The Photographer’s Eye by John Szarkowski. http://www.amazon.com/The-Photographers-Eye-John-Szarkowski/dp/087070527X – I read it in college and it really helps you learn about framing and vantage point, and everything. Photography’s history is rich, complex, and inspiring. The more you study its history and past photographers the better you’ll become.

    • I love Liberty University! I can’t wait tell I get my MBA from them. That so amazing the connect. Thank you so much for sending that link me way. I had to write about a master photographer in my intro photography class I am currently taking at another college. I will purchase that book. Thanks for following my blog!

  10. My sisters love the school too, and I’ve been there 3 times for their Winterfest celebration over New Years. It seems like a pretty good school. Which photographer did you choose to write about? I majored in Photography in college, so I have a lot of the history under my belt. And no problem, from looking around you already have a firm grasp of some very key elements in photography.

  11. Hi Kevin! Nice to meet you and thank you for following my blog. You have some really nice images and I look forward to more on your journey into photography 🙂

  12. You’ve got some great shots Kevin! Stick with it and I guarantee your photos will continue to improve. Blogging about your photography is a great way to improve your skills too. I’ve learned so much since I started my blog. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your journey! I see you’re in the Air Force. Thanks for you service to our country.

  13. Kevin, I’v nominated you for the VIBA (very inspiring Blogger). I love your work. If you would like to have the award, just go to my home page 2me4art.com. Amy

  14. No se que ocurre pero no me llegan las notificiaciones de tus post, de todas formas seguiré entrando igualmente, abrazos

    Not that happens but there do not come to me the notificiaciones of your post, anyway I will continue entering equally, embraces

  15. Kevin, I continue to enjoy seeing your work here and your growth. Also I like the new look of your blog which makes it much easier to read. Wishing you and your family the best on your new move.

  16. Hey Kevin, thanks for stopping by my page. I’m glad that you liked what you saw. I’m working on becoming a better photographer myself and I hope that you enjoy what posts are to follow. Some of the pictures on your main page are in DC/Arlington…you in the metro too? Can’t wait to see where you head with your progress, it’s looking great so far.

  17. Kevin, first, thank you for your service to our country. Second, I’m doing kind of the same thing this year. I started doing a take a photo a day and post it project in January to make me practice on a daily basis – also my first attempt at blogging. It took me FOREVER to figure out what to call my blog and what theme to use. I love how you’ve chosen to show only a portion of your photos before actually clicking them to find out the story behind – what a great concept! Best of luck to you in your learning process! What I like the most about shooting daily are the days when I’m going all day with no ideas and then suddenly, even as late as 10pm, I get a great idea! It’s like that awesome feeling after a tough workout before the soreness sets in. I also love the way it makes me look at the world.

    • So Cool! Oh my! I had the same trouble with figuring out a theme and name. I wish I can post everyday though I really have little time to get out and take photos. You may see more of my sons on the site since I spend more time with them after work. Thanks for stopping by and following my blog!

  18. Your photos are powerful in design. They are simple yet dramatic. They are concise yet evoke so much feeling. You are a great photographer!

  19. Your work is awesome.. I started doing same thing a year ago.. I call it photo therapy . Not sure if you are on Facebook but look me up if you are. Hope to hear from you soon my fellow photographer..

  20. Hi Kevin, It’s clear to me just from looking at your home page and some posts that you already have a ‘style’ — clean, focused and has a story — everything a photo should be. I suspect your analytical mind helps you in that regard, no mess, no strain.

    I think you’ve got enough advice from others shown above. The only thing I would say to you, as an early self-taught photographer myself, with a dSLR, use your 50mm lens the most. This will truly teach you how to compose a pic within that frame — stand back, look around, get in close (and, yes, you can get in very close with a 50mm), look at the light, and try and compose in your mind before you press the shutter. You’ll be surprised at the results you’ll get!

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